Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How Not Being Able to Rest in Peace Got Me Thinking About R.I.P.

This post is brought to you today by the Sleep Deprivation Council of Oklahoma, Friends of Restless Puppies Everywhere and A Sincere Desire to Get Some Freaking Decent Sleep for the Love of God, Inc. 

The other day my partner and I were doing errands and a piece came on my iPod that I cheerfully pointed out was the music I wanted to be played at my funeral.

It's October, so we can talk about this stuff right?

The piece is by Vaughan Williams and is called Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis.

First off, it's a long'un, which I feel is appropriate because I do plan on living to be 152 and a half. As for the body of it: The theme dawns, rises, fades, wanders, pairs, rises, fades, wanders, rises, peaks, backs up, peaks again and fades finally with abject longing--the story of my life, or at least, being in one of those fade/wander spots at the moment, I hope it turns out to be the story of my life.

I take hope in a music so close to the melody of my own heart that finds the path back to miraculous crescendos by way of its own mournful wanderings.

And one more thing: I want to be cremated and put into a ghost urn--the purple one please.

Being as sleep deprived as I am, you didn't really think we could end on such a serious note, did you?



  1. Definitely going to have to listen to this song when I get the chance (being at work kinda hampers me there). I love ghostly stuff, Halloween, etc. Guess it's a reason I'm such a fan of Type O Negative. hehe. Anyway, sleep deprivation sucks, as does insomnia. I hope you get a great sleep soon!

  2. Thank you. I had a bit better time last night. We are dogsitting for a dog we weren't warned in advance was not properly socialized with other dogs. Now that we've separated the new troublemaker from the others though, things settled down considerably and we all got some much needed sleep.