Saturday, July 9, 2011

Soul Bites Resurrection

Two pieces of writing advice have been niggling at me lately. First, that if a writer is to start actually finishing projects, she must look through the old unfinished ones and weed out those that are gasping their last breaths. The second piece of advice? “Kill your darlings.” 
So, I looked through my “darlings” and realized that my dear old grande dame of a blog, Soul Bites Blog, has been on her last legs for some time--at least in her current incarnation. I set out with that blog to show the world all the things I “know” about Paganism, but lately I have been blogging less and less there and not really enjoying the posts I do manage to put up. 
But why? What’s the problem?
The problem is that as I have matured in my spirituality, I have realized that what I “know” about Paganism, and especially about my own Paganism, isn’t enough to fill a blog day after day, or, for that matter, even make a compelling Tweet. The more I have learned about the vast spectrum of Paganism and my own leanings within it, the more I have realized there is an eternity of that learning yet to acquire and I, at best, am a neophyte. 
So I decided: My darling SBB must bite the big one...
...and yet...
In the tradition of Mithra, Persephone, InannaAdonis, Jesus and all good ascending and revivifying God/esses that have gone this road before, perhaps SBB shouldn’t stay dead. Perhaps she should ascend, transcend and resurrect herself with a new message and modus operandi, namely, to stop purporting to be an arbiter of Pagan knowledge and instead come out as an honest accounting of one Pagan writer’s journey to find her peculiar place in spirit, word-craft and world. 
Thus Soul Bites begins again--leaner, meaner, and keener. I can’t promise you will find definite knowledge here, but hopefully you will find inspiration to pursue your own knowledge, comfort in shared confusion and joy in abject honesty.
May we enjoy the journey together.

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