Monday, July 18, 2011

Crafting a Hearth Tradition: Intimate Magic, Everyday Spirit

As I proceed along the path of trying to develop a personal witchcraft tradition radiating out from sacred home and hearth, I am beginning to learn that part of having a "hearth" tradition is using what you have around that hearth to create your rituals and work your magic. In days gone by, the wise women and men of the village didn't go to Ye Olde Occult Shoppe to get their spiritual supplies. They used the cauldron in which they also cooked dinner, the besom they also used to sweep the house, a wand from a felled tree branch, a blade they also used to prepare meals--and on and on. Because these tools were consecrated to magical purposes as well as used in everyday life, I imagine it brought a great deal of depth to the daily chores. Every time they swept the floor it was an act of both physical and spiritual cleansing. Every time they cut into an apple or trimmed the fat from a piece of meat it reminded them of the cycles of life, death and rebirth.  I am a big proponent of things becoming spiritually significant not by being put away and hidden from view and/or use, but by being handled, used and thought upon daily--by witnessing and absorbing the energies of the household's life. How better to imprint your own energy into an item than exposing that item to your energy as much as possible?

This is what I would like to duplicate in our family tradition--using what we have on hand to make our spirituality more intimate and our everyday work more spiritual.

Blessed by the Mystery,
-M. Ashley


  1. Truly seeking and creating magic by way of hearth and home, friends and loved ones, make for the most meaningful, charged and lasting ritual Magic. I am so truly blessed in the Spirit of the Lord and Lady being joined with our author here. Everything I could have hoped or imagined for the Goddess to manifest herself in a partner has manifested with my love for and with Michelle. I am so enjoying the present with her and look forward to Samhain this year. Blessed by the mystery and the woman. . .Craig

  2. "n days gone by, the wise women and men of the village didn't go to Ye Olde Occult Shoppe to get their spiritual supplies. " You are a trip! I love your altar and your witchy concept. I like having the shiny things I find at friend shops, but when it comes to doing magic I only use things that mean a lot to me.

  3. Thank you so much! I too am enchanted with shiny things from my favorite shop, but there truly is something to be said for those things, perhaps less shiny, that you've spent tons of time with and have been an integral part of your life. The magical connection created by near daily sue is something not to be underestimated, I think.